Tag it, Brag it, Bag it

The Tagoodies app is a simple way to store any
product, anywhere. No matter what it is, you can
snap a photo or shoot a video of something you
want to buy or just bought and get feedback
from your friends.

Find something cool

Just shoot a photo or video of what you like. The App
tags the location for you. You can also add a “like” or
comment on products you find on your timeline.

Take a pic or video

You can snap up to 3 pictures or shoot a short video of anything you spot in a physical store. It's that simple!

Name Your goodie

Once you will take a pic of your goodie, make sure you name it. Describe it any way you like!

Choose category

Pick one of the available categories. Hopefully we've got all the big choices covered.

Select location

Remember to choose your location. Tagoodies lets you geo-tag your picture, so others can find it too or simply store it for yourself for later!

Set price

You're almost done. Set a price to get the most comprehensive feedback from your friends. But, if you don't want to add anything, just skip it!

Share it

Get feedback and share your goodies with friends on Facebook & Twitter or privately by sending them
a unique URL via Txt or Email only they can access.

Hunt for goodies!

Browse nearby merchandise directly on a map and locate it
quickly to get to the store! Or just browse through
categories or goodie's stream.